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A stoney Newnes canyon

12th September 2004

Trip Notes

Hearing about a recently discovered dry canyon out on the Newnes Plateau, Dave Noble leads the way, with Dave Forbes, Sue, Julie, and myself, on a cool September Sunday to go have a look for ourselves.

Mountain bikes make short work of an otherwise long walk and add an extra bit of fun to the trip. At the end of the ride we stash the bikes in the bush and head down a steep gully towards the canyon.

A bit of scrambling and soon we're at the first abseil. The first section of the canyon involves a couple of abseils, and while it's quite nice, and fun, it runs out fairly soon. From there it's another bush bash further down the gully until we arrive at the second section of the canyon.

The second section is a fair bit longer, and fairly deep and impressive with three abseils. The available belay points though make retrieving the rope from a couple of the abseils a bit tricky.

Eventually the canyon finishes and it's not far to the pass back up through the cliffs. Some of the scrambling up the pass is a bit tricky but a lot of fun. And the views as we climb up out of the valley are really beautiful!

A short lunch break half way up, followed by some more scrambling, leading to yet more spectacular views. Finally back on the ridge top we collect the bikes and start the roughly 10 km ride back to the cars in the last of the afternoon light.

Next stop on this trip is the pub at Wentworth Falls for a beer and a feed before heading back to Sydney with that satisfied feeling you get from a great day out in the wilderness!


Camera Info.

All photos were taken with a Canon IXUS 400, and for canyon and low light shots I use a little bendy leg tripod with a ball joint head.

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img_1092 Sue, Dave (filming), Dave, and Julie, getting ready for the next abseil.
img_1094 Dave descending.
img_1101 At the bottom of the second abseil in the lower section.
img_1106 Looking down from above the last abseil.
img_1109 At the bottom of the last abseil.
img_1112 Julie, descending for the camera.

1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-49

Text and photos by Chris Collier.

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